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When hanging AR500 plate or any steel targets there are a few things you want to try to do.  Have the target leaning toward the shooter at an approximate 20 degree angle to help deflect fragments down instead of back at the shooter.  Make sure the target can move with impact.  Movement allows transfer of energy instead of the plate taking all the energy which helps your plates last longer.

Bullet fragments can be cast towards shooter or spectators, it is advisable that shooter and spectators wear safety glasses, ear protection and appropriate clothing for protection.

Hanging the target with the target face pointed slightly downward will help direct the bullet splatter down and reduce the risk of injury See pictures above

Never use armor piercing (AP), steel core, steel jacket, 100% copper, or other hardened bullets. They will damage the target and may cause injury.

Shoot steel targets straight on as possible

Never use BB's, pellets, or air soft, they do not have the force to splatter and will bounce back.

Be aware that the bullet (lead splatter) may be hot. To reduce risk of fire, do not use in dry grass or vegetation. If you do, make sure there are no hot spots before you leave!

Use Steel Targets at own risk, Shooting steel targets can be dangerous.

Minimum pistol distance of 15 yds, Max. 1500 f.p.s lead ammo

Minimum rifle distance of 100 yds, Max. 3000 f.p.s.

If target becomes bent, cracked, or damaged in any way shop shooting it and replace it.

Do not weld or modify plate.

Desert Fabworks LLC Assumes no responsibility or liability for misuse or injury / damage from use of our products.



Question: What ammo can I shoot your targets with?

Answer:  Our targets are 3/8 AR500 Plate certified to no less than 500 Brinell hardness.  You can shoot our targets with any pistol or rifle round that has an impact speed of less than 3000 fps.  For example .223 usually has a muzzle velocity of 3200 fps so place your target out to a distance that will have the bullet traveling at 3000 fps or less at impact.  We do not recommend .50 bmg, 12 gauge or .338 Lapua for our targets.  Minimum shooting distances are 15 yards pistol,  100 yards rifle.

Question:  How do you cut your targets?

Answer:  We use a CNC Plasma Machine that cuts the targets submerged in a water bath to keep the steel cool and minimize HAZ - Heat Affected Zone.

Question:  I heard that cutting AR500 with plasma was bad is that True?

Answer: No that is not true.  We use a submerged cutting technique

to keep the steel cool and have done extensive testing to ensure that

our method is just as good as Water Jet or Laser and is less expensive

so that we can pass the savings to to you.  Watch our video below to see

our cutting technique.